CASAKA Philosophy

CASAKA is a moment of nature frozen in time and fused with function in harmonious aesthetic, to remind us the values of nature and life.

Vision & Purpose:

  • Becoming the brand that is known for wood by creating balance between beauty and function.
  • Becoming the most refined solid wood brand in Asia Pacific – Indonesian brand with international appeal.
  • Respectfully extracting the ultimate and optimum values of wood material.


  • To create leadership in the solid wood furniture industry by always being authentic, innovative, and design-driven.
  • To set benchmark for solid wood furniture: material, craftsmanship, and design; by consistently making high quality products.
  • To educate the market and give positive impact to the society and environment by creating a new and more humane way of furniture making and using

CASAKA believes in the soul of nature inside the wood material, and works as a platform to transform the soul of wood from nature into a living space through artistic objects, influencing people to have more mindful and thoughtful life, eventually creates a circular way of living.

The works of CASAKA is a result of co-participatory between the design and the material (wood), it’s a conversation which is translated into an object, giving the wood a second life.

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