KULA Bench

Multifunctional Bench

Philosophy of the name Kula, is Sanskrit for family. And came from this philosophy, this multifunctional furniture can be utilized as bench or table and can freely be arranged as user desired.
With special technique, Kula production is very material save, from wood log cubication process, 70% and more of the log used. With a simple design and unique cutting technique, this collection shows natural wood grains on whole parts of it. Kula has a maximum strength, with no joints and gluing needed. Efficient storage also become one strong point for this collection, because it can be stacked into one piece.
And so, generally Kula excels in strength, beauty, efficiency in material usage, producing process, space save, and also in economic value.

Material : Suar wood (Trembesi)
Finishing : Natural
Dimension ( cm ) : 220 x 40 x 50

Availability: Made by order.
Notes: Different sizes and prices are available upon request.

Rp 4.697.000

Size (LxWxH)200 × 45 × 45 cm
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