PATIH II Dining Table


Availability: Made by order.

Available in 4 size:

  • 1500x900x750mm: 34.000.000
  • 1800x900x750mm: 39.000.000
  • 2200x1000x750mm: 45.000.000
  • 2500x1000x750mm: 47.000.000



  • Suar or trembesi wood
  • Natural – polyurethane finishing
  • Made in Indonesia
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Patih has the meaning of a thinker who became a foundation of civilization. With this foundation, Patih is created with sturdy legs to support. Big and strong footstool brings strength and comfort to its user when resting their legs.

CASAKA is an Indonesian woodcraft furniture brand established in 2013 which focused on natural and solid wood furniture. CASAKA believes in the synergy of quality and aesthetics that every furniture is an artwork that should serve both functions, not only impressive but also long-lasting and sustainable.

Every piece tells a story.

Solid wood is a genuinely natural product and each area demonstrates a unique structure and color dominated by the location of the tree as well as weather and ground conditions. The delicate branches, cracks, intergrown areas and overlaps demonstrate the material’s authenticity, that’s why every piece of wood is unique and has their own personality and the different story one from another.

And we proudly announce that since 2019 CASAKA is a part of VIVERE Group. Find out CASAKA Collection on the nearest VIVERE Showroom.


Dimension may vary due to the availability of solid wood raw materials. Price may vary too
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